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While there are so many ways a tooth can suffer harm – decay, injury, failed dental work – a root canal is the dental treatment that can “save the day.” Strictly speaking, the root canal is the space inside the tooth, the tunnel through which the tooth’s nerve and blood vessels enter, through the jawbone from the systemic nervous and circulatory systems. The term is popularly used to refer to Root Canal Therapy.

A root canal is a well-known dental procedure designed to save your tooth. Used as a favored alternative to tooth pulling, a root canal does not have the stigma once associated with it thanks to modern technological advancements. The root canal procedure is often a necessary one for guests who want to avoid losing natural teeth.

When is root canal therapy needed?

People who have areas of decay that have nearly destroyed the integrity of a tooth, or teeth that have been injured, may require a root canal in order to keep the tooth. While the dental pulp, or living tissue inside the tooth, will be removed, it will be replaced with a filler material, so the tooth can remain strong and functional. Dr. Roper will recommend a porcelain crown placement to protect the integrity of the tooth.

The procedure

You will be given local anesthesia and may opt for sedation dentistry if you are particularly anxious during dental visits
Dr. Roper removes the diseased pulp from inside the tooth, effectively ridding the body of infection
The root canals are cleaned thoroughly, shaped and filled with a safe filling material
A crown is bonded to the remains of the tooth, to provide a new and strong chewing surface

In two to three visits, your root canal is performed and you are ready to smile again with a pain-free and disease-free tooth!

Root canals are actually more affordable than you might think! Visit our Financing page for more information.

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