Porcelain White Fillings FAQ

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How do I know when to replace old fillings?

If you are experiencing any discomfort, or if the filling looks unnatural, it may be time to replace it. Many of our British Columbia guests choose to replace old metal fillings for a more attractive and natural appearance. They appreciate the seamless look of the porcelain white fillings and the fact that no one else can tell when and where they’ve had fillings!

Can I leave metal fillings in the back of my mouth?

Some people will only replace metal fillings closer to the front of the mouth, but they may not realize that when you smile, laugh and talk, most teeth are eventually visible. Also, metal fillings tend to wear out quicker and weaken the integrity of a tooth because they are not bonded to the tooth as white fillings are. They are packed into the cavity they’re filling and over time can become loose, and even fall out. schedule a consultation today for more information on white fillings.

What happens if I put off getting white fillings?

Dr. Roper will let you know a safe time line for getting fillings performed. With small areas of decay, it may take quite a while for extensive damage to occur. However, he will most likely recommend that you don’t take chances with your natural teeth.

Are white fillings more expensive than other types?

White fillings do cost a little more than metal fillings, but we strongly believe in quality above cost. Porcelain will give you a more natural result, last longer, and strengthen your teeth rather than weakening them, as metal fillings do. Dr. Roper offers affordable financing to help you fit cosmetic dental care into your budget. Visit our affordable financing page for more information.

Why should I choose Dr. Roper to do my fillings?

Dr. Roper has been helping Canadian guests improve their smiles for many years. As an LVI-trained dentist, he is constantly on the forefront of innovations and is committed to giving each and every guest a beautiful, natural porcelain filling result. Dr. Roper delivers excellent guest care and the type of high quality cosmetic dentistry results that you deserve.

See what porcelain white fillings can do for you. Visit our Smile Gallery, and call or E-Mail the British Columbia cosmetic dentistry team at Roper Aesthetic Dentistry today for a free smile evaluation.

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