Crowns are designed to give full coverage to an existing tooth structure. Crowns can be full porcelain, porcelain fused

 to metal or full gold.

Crowns can restore teeth that are damaged by decay, teeth that are broken,  or  they can be cosmetic to redesign the

 way your existing teeth look or how they function.

Dr. Roper and the patient work together to  personalize a treatment plan and design the smile you are looking for.

Bridges are custom designed to fill the void of a tooth that has been extracted or has been missing.  Materials used to create

a bridge can be all Porcelain , Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) , or Full Gold (FG). 

Dr. Roper can help you determine which material would be best for your occlusion , function, and smile.

Porcelain Veneers are a wafer-thin shell made of durable porcelain . Custom made to fit over your existing enamel
to enhance your smile ,  Veneers can: cover chips, cracks, and other imperfections you many not like. They can also make
crooked teeth appear straighter, and correct gaps between the teeth.